World FM Day branding

Global FM was established in 2006 through the collaboration of leading FM associations at the time, with the shared goal of promoting Facilities Management and facilitating the exchange of knowledge and understanding within the field.

World FM Day, observed annually in May, provides an opportunity for all stakeholders in the FM industry to acknowledge and celebrate the vital contributions the industry makes to our built environment.

Bite Visual was tasked with creating an identity for the event that would resonate with a diverse global audience, taking into consideration the cultural nuances of member bodies and practitioners. The objective was to craft a logo that symbolised FM as the interaction of people within the built environment, rather than focusing solely on the structures themselves. The resulting symbol appears as a stylised figure with open arms, doubling as a map with intersecting roads, representing the foundation of the built environment.

Once the initial branding was approved, the theme “Making a Real Difference” was translated into 36 other languages for use by each member association to promote the event in their respective regions.

Finished Art

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