The Supreme Court of Victoria (SCV) is the highest court in Victoria. It is a superior court of common law and equity, with unlimited and inherent jurisdiction within the state.

Having worked for the Supreme Court of Victoria over a number of years on a variety of projects, Bite was commissioned, in 2020, to create a new typographic version of the Supreme Court’s logo. The typographic logo was created as the ‘everyday’ brand, to be applied to most collateral (printed and digital) for the Supreme Court. This new style of logo was developed to bring the brand of the Supreme Court of Victoria into a contemporary era, which reflected the Court’s progression to a digitally and technological way of operating.

The existing SCV crest logo (incorporating the Royal Coat of Arms) remained as
the ‘official’ brand of the Supreme Court, only to be used in the following ways:
on official Court documents, on approved stationery and in approved templates. The SCV crest logo and SCV typographic logo were never to appear together.

As well as creating the typographic logo, Bite continued development of the
new contemporary brand for the Court and designed a visual identity/look-and-feel which was carried through to multiple collateral items including internal communications, digital/web-based graphics, printed documents, various templates and a suite of icons.

Following completion of the typographic logo and visual identity, Bite designed
and constructed a 15-page Brand Style Guide, which includes correct application and usage of both the SCV crest logo and SCV typographic logo, to ensure
correct and consistent application of all visual collateral.

Finished Art

  • ClientSupreme Court of Victoria

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