Digital Strategy

The Supreme Court of Victoria is the highest court in the state. It deals with Victoria’s most serious criminal and civil cases.

SCV is transforming its technological capability to provide a firm foundation for the future. A digital transformation strategy was developed to align this vision.

Bite was asked to design and layout a 24-page strategy, highlighting SCV’s digital principles, strategic priorities, outcomes and initiatives. 

The complex nature of transition from a traditional paper-based way of working to a digitally-enabled environment, and the multi-layered processes needed to do this, was represented visually in an abstract network of coloured dots. The interconnectivity of this graphic represents how digital information can be sourced, changed and viewed from multiple aspects.

The use of icons, colours references for different topics, and infographics, helped illustrate and inform the content. As the subject matter for this strategy was breaking new ground for SCV, this visual departure from SCV’s previous strategic documents was seen as a refreshing and exciting new direction.


  • ClientSupreme Court of Victoria

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