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Following many years as successful mussel farmers, and as one of Australia’s largest mussel wholesalers, SeaBounty approached Bite for strategic advice to develop their brand for a push into the retail environment.

Part of the strategy was to redesign the visual identity and associated visual language so it would work across all touch points: packaging, marketing material, vehicle livery and digital platforms.

We replaced the dated illustration of a ship’s wheel with a stylised life buoy and simplified typography. The bright colours of red and yellow retained the link to the nautical feel of the past and work extremely well in the FMCG retail environment. 

Traditionally mussels are sold loose at fishmongers, so Bite and the team at Sea Bounty researched different packaging options for the delivery of live mussels. The solution was orange netted bags, reminiscent to onion bags used in fruit and vegetable environments. This evoked the feel of an ‘always fresh’ product, allowing us to label the bag for product and brand recognition, which also meant that the retailer had ready-to-go 1kg packs.

After the successful launch of the netted bags, we embarked on finding a sealed pouch solution for Coles supermarkets to help reduce water leaking from the bags becoming an OH&S issue in their stores. 

SeaBounty mussels are now available across Australia in quality fishmongers and Coles supermarkets.

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