Talent Acquisition campaign

Regis Aged Care is one of Australia’s largest providers of aged care accommodation, with over 7,000 residents in more than 60 facilities throughout the country.

The Regis Talent Acquisition campaign targeted four distinct areas: unqualified individuals for positions in food handling, administration, and cleaning; qualified candidates for roles encompassing Lifestyle, Assistant in Nursing (AIN), Personal Care Assistants (PCA), Registered Nurse (RN), and Enrolled Nurse (EN); students or partially qualified individuals sought for carer positions; and those open to relocation, spanning various roles potentially requiring interstate or regional moves.

Centered around the theme “Care Connects Us All,” the campaign underscored the integral role of compassion within the aged care industry, reflecting the caring ethos inherent in its workforce irrespective of job title. Leveraging social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the campaign adopted a fresh, youth-oriented graphic style, focusing on individuality over conventional caregiver-resident imagery. A vibrant color scheme enhanced visual impact, ensuring content stood out amid users’ feeds.

Following its digital success, the campaign expanded its reach through outdoor advertising on select bus routes in strategic locations, amplifying visibility beyond the online world. The campaign garnered positive reception and demonstrated efficacy through analytics indicating a surge in enquiries and heightened application rates, particularly across regional facilities.

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Art Direction
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