Galvanize 74 iPad App cover designed by Bite Visual Communications Group

A new approach for an old client

Galvanizers Association of Australia (GAA), a client of Bite’s for over 25 years, has begun the move to digital publications with the latest edition of Galvanize magazine now available for download from the Apple App store.

GAA, an industry Association which represents galvanizing companies and provides technical consulting services, comprises the leading galvanizing companies throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

GAA provides technical publications and practical assistance on all aspects of design, application, process, bolting, welding and painting of galvanized steel.

Galvanize magazine is produced three times per year and features stories with images on recent noteworthy projects where galvanized products have been used.

For the latest edition, Galvanize 74, Bite produced both a print and a digital version. Initial feedback indicates that the user experience has been considerably enhanced through the digital publication.

Following the success of its first digital publication, GAA is looking to produce several other technical documents as digital publications including their After Fabrication Hot Dip Galvanizing specifications manual.

Galvanize 74 is available for download from the Apple App store here.

Bite can help you develop a strategy to move to Digital Publishing. Call Iain Evans to discuss the best way forward.

Galvanize 74 iPad App cover designed by Bite Visual Communications Group Galvanize 74 iPad App article designed by Bite Visual Communications Group Galvanize 74 iPad App article designed by Bite Visual Communications Group



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