These poster designs jazz it up

The Claypole’s Jazz Festival, held just outside of Buenos Aires, was the first international and foreign popular music show in the city. Organized by the local city theater,  Espacio de debate y cultura La Casa de Claypole, the festival was only promoted with posters.

The promotional posters are a great source for some eye candy and poster design ideas, especially when you learn how Max Rompo, art director for the project, photographer Pontenpie tackled the obstacles they faced.

With 10 months to complete the project, and participants from Argentina, France, Japan, Perú, Paraguay, Switzerland and Uruguay, it was quite an undertaking — especially as each poster had to be turned around in less than 2 days. Plus, as Rompo explains, a big challenge was “advertising internationally renowned artists [along with] completely unknown ones” to the community. These posters had to effectively grab the community’s attention while keeping a cohesive theme.

As such, the posters combine a splash of color with a vintage vibe, all while sticking true to the goal of keeping a “classic” feel as well as being “popular and playful,” like the city of Claypole itself.




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